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A Comprehensive Solution for Your Imaging and Office Needs

Since 1990, Laser Systems has managed network print environments for customers, consistently providing substantial decreases in office printing expenses for small, medium and large companies. Laser Systems offers everything you need to manage your entire office environment. We provide:

  • Office supplies
  • Remote monitoring of printer fleets
  • Printer fleet design and analysis
  • Just-in-time supplies delivery
  • Custom management reports
  • Customized MFP and single-function printer sales
  • 4-hour repair and maintenance service
  • Flexible billing styles
  • Unique-to-the-industry customer service

Control Your Printing Costs

  • The average office employee spends $15,000 a year in document output (All Associates Group)

  • 40% of all IT / help desk calls are printer/copier related (The Gartner Group)

  • Only 10% of document costs are attributed to the direct cost of equipment, supplies, service and paper - the remaining cost is attributed to IT support, facility, user interaction and other expenses (Info Trends)

Our unrivaled Print Manager Plus program allows you to get a handle on your printing expenses while putting a print management strategy in place.

Identify Costs: Print Manager Plus secure technology provides a window into your printing process and allows you to view actual printing costs, and plan to control future costs.
Print Efficiently: Our PM+ Consultants will help optimize your print environment, matching devices with volume needs, reducing downtime, and relieving the burden printers place on your IT personnel.

Contact one of our Print Manager Plus Consultants today to learn how we can help optimize your print environment. info@laser-sys.com